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Adapting Child Custody Schedules

Adapting Child Custody Schedules

Adapting Child Custody Schedules

2020 has been a year for the record books, and likely one that parents will never forget. With homeschooling requirements, daycare closures, and canceled summer camps, it is likely that your schedule this year has looked nothing like it normally would. It is common for parents in this situation (among many others) to want or need to adapt their shared child custody schedule.

Is this possible? How do you go about doing this? The good news is that modifying your schedule is often possible, and you should speak with an experienced child custody lawyer in Roseville about your options.

Informal Temporary Changes

Some changes in schedules might just need to be temporary. If you have circumstances that will change back in the near future, you should try to talk to your child’s other parent and attempt to reach an agreement. If you agree to certain schedule changes for the time being, always put it in writing. This way, you defend yourself if you are accused of failing to adhere to the regular schedule down the line.

Petitions for Modifications

If you cannot reach an agreement for necessary changes, or you need permanent changes due to long-term changes of circumstances, you can file a petition with the family court for a modification of your parenting plan and child custody order. If the other parent agrees, the court can approve the new schedule and modify the order. If the other parent challenges the changes, your case might need to go to mediation or trial in court.

Contact a Child Custody Lawyer in Roseville Today

It is common – now more than ever – to need to adapt shared custody schedules for changing circumstances, and a Roseville child custody attorney at Khatami Law can help. Call 916.584.9595 or contact us online for more information about your options today.

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