Back-to-School Tips after a Summer Divorce

Back-to-School Tips after a Summer Divorce

Back-to-School Tips after a Summer Divorce

If you and your spouse get divorced over the summer, it can put a lot of stress on your child. This stress does not simply go away once school starts, and with busy schedules full of sports, homework, and activities, it can be easy to forget that your child has experienced a major change. The following are only a few tips when school starts again after a divorce.

Talk to their teachers.

Never be afraid to notify the school and your child’s teachers of the divorce. Teachers can keep an eye on your child and advise whether they may need to spend time with the school counselor or need other accommodations. Divorce can result in lower performance in school or acting out, and it is important that teachers understand why this is happening.

Stick to your schedule.

As part of your divorce, you should have developed a clear and detailed parenting plan that includes a time-sharing schedule. Always stick to the schedule and ensure your child knows who is going to take them to activities and pick them up at all times. Your child should never have to wait or feel abandoned in an already chaotic time.

Focus on communication and co-parenting.

The start of the school year brings open houses, parent-teacher conferences, plays, sporting events, and other activities. It is important to try to co-parent in a healthy way, so your child feels supported by both parents. Keep the lines of communication open, so you both know what is happening at all times.

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