Divorce Attorney | Collaborative Divorce


Divorce Attorney | One of the common misconceptions about divorce is that when the spouses agree on key issues like division of assets or child support, they agree on what is known as the “uncontested divorce” and when the spouses disagree on any of those issues, they take the matter to the court. That’s not always necessarily true. There’s a third option not many people know about: a collaborative divorce.

But what exactly is it? Well, as the name suggests, it’s a process in which both spouses agree to collaborate to reach a settlement. And to negotiate the agreement, you would require professional help. Your divorce attorney can advise and assist you in the process of negotiating or reaching a settlement agreement. The divorce attorney also represents you in the meeting to discuss the terms of the divorce.

One of the advantages of a collaborative divorce process is that it gives you a lot more control of the situation. Instead of letting a judge decide the finer details of the divorce case, it is up to you and your divorce lawyer to reach a mutually agreed upon solution. It’s up to you to decide how life after the divorce will be. A collaborative process is also often an effective way to save the legal costs by avoiding a lengthy litigation process.

A key prerequisite of the collaborative divorce is that both parties must agree beforehand to reach a settlement. Unlike a court case, a single party cannot initiate the collaborative divorce proceedings. You need to sign a formal contract to agree that you won’t take the matter to court. In case the collaborative divorce proceedings fail and the matter does go to court, the attorneys would need to withdraw from the case and you’d need to find another lawyer to represent you.