Divorce Attorney | Need a Divorce?


Making a decision to end a marriage or a long-term relationship is extremely hard. And while knowing the proper legal procedures cannot help ease the emotional pain, it can absolutely assist you in making the right choice and finding the best ways to implement it.

For that purpose, it is important to start by learning more about the legal ways to end a marriage in California. They include:

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Annulment

Before you choose to go for any of the three steps, it is critical to consult with your divorce attorney to find the best way forward.


Legally, divorce is known as the dissolution of a marriage or a domestic partnership. California is one of the states where you can apply for a “no fault” divorce. This means that, when applying for a divorce, you do not have to prove or claim that your spouse did something wrong. You can get a divorce based on “irreconcilable differences.”

You should consult your divorce lawyer to help you reach an agreement about the terms of the divorce and child settlement. Under California law, the divorce cases usually take at least 6 months as the state requires a six-month mandatory period for the approval of the divorce.

Legal separation

For the people who don’t want a divorce or cannot get one due to California’s residency requirements, legal settlement is an option. As the name suggests, this option helps you get legally separated from your spouse without having to secure a divorce.


A marriage or a domestic partnership is declared null if the court decides that the marriage was not legally valid. Unlike divorce or legal separation, the marriage is never legally recognized in the first place.