4 Things You Must Do Before Filing for Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce is an important decision that needs to be made carefully. The process involves much more than simply hiring a divorce attorney, so it is important to do these 4 things before filing for a divorce.

1.Determine if you truly want a divorce: Although it may seem like common sense, many people make the decision to get divorced while they are feeling very emotional. Only file for divorce if you have not been able to reach reconciliation through marriage counseling and are sure this is the best decision for you.

2.Gather all financial records: Documentation including financial account records, mortgage payments, phone bills, and car notes are all likely to be reviewed in a divorce. Since your spouse may not deal well with being served divorce papers, it is important to have copies of all this documentation before filing for divorce.

3.Establish your custody goals: The next important step is determining your custody goals, if you have children. Since you will likely be sharing custody with your spouse, it is important to assess your work schedule, the children’s schedule, and other obligations to determine a schedule that allows time for both you and your spouse to spend time with the kids.

4.Interview divorce attorneys: Before officially filing for divorce, you will want to interview a few divorce attorneys, to determine which one best matches your personality and litigation goals. The price of a divorce attorney will vary based on their experience level, so make sure their qualifications and price match with your particular needs.

When you are ready to hire a divorce attorney in Roseville, contact Khatami Law. Our professional staff is ready to help you as you move into the next phase of the divorce process.