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Can You Avoid a Contested Divorce?

Can You Avoid a Contested Divorce?

Can You Avoid a Contested Divorce?

When you think of divorce, you might immediately imagine spouses fighting with one another in a dramatic fashion in the courtroom. However, not every divorce has to be this way. In California, couples wishing to end their marriage have options, and these include filing either a contested or uncontested divorce.

In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse file after reaching agreements on how to resolve various issues, including community property division, child custody, and financial support. If you cannot come to an agreement on one or more of these issues, you will file a contested divorce, which means the court will likely need to intervene and decide how to resolve the matter.

Contested divorces are often longer and more expensive, in addition to the extra stress they can cause. The good news is that there are ways you can work to avoid a contested divorce whenever possible with the help of a skilled Roseville divorce attorney. Our legal team regularly works to:

  • Assess your goals and rights under California divorce laws
  • Review what your spouse is fighting for and where the disagreements might lie
  • Negotiate with your spouse’s attorney to try to reach agreements on all relevant issues
  • Represent you through mediation if informal negotiations do not work

In many cases, with the right legal help, either negotiation or mediation will be successful, and spouses will be able to file an uncontested divorce. If you must file a contested divorce, you want a highly experienced divorce litigator representing you in court.

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