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Can You Modify Your Alimony Order?

Can You Modify Your Alimony Order?

Can You Modify Your Alimony Order?

2020 has brought financial struggles for many people – whether you lost your job, were furloughed and fell behind on your bills, had to close a business, or faced medical bills and other circumstances that created hardship. When this happens, you might be tempted to postpone or stop certain payments that do not seem necessary, and alimony payments might be one.

However, you should never simply stop paying alimony. This is a violation of a court order, and it can have serious consequences. Being unemployed is not a justification to violate a court order – instead, you need to follow the proper avenues to request a modification of your alimony order.

Proving Change of Circumstances

In order for spouses to get an alimony order reduced or terminated, they must show that one or both spouses has experienced a change of circumstances that warrant the modification. When it comes to the paying spouse, this change might include:

  • Unemployment
  • Illness, injury, or disability
  • Other losses of income or resources

In addition, you can demonstrate that the alimony recipient has changed circumstances that warrant a change in the support they receive, such as:

  • New marriage
  • Gainful employment
  • Another financial windfall

Finally, if your alimony order involved a Gavron warning, and your ex-spouse has not taken measures to become self-supporting within the timeframe given, you can request that the court terminate the alimony order.

Contact an Alimony Lawyer in Roseville for More Information

At Khatami Law, we know that circumstances change, and it can justify the need to modify your alimony order. If your ex-spouse does not agree to a modification, we can help you follow the necessary legal process to petition the court for a modification. Contact us online or call 916.584.9925 to discuss your options if you are having difficulty keeping up with your alimony payments.

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