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Definition: Mediation
Definition: Mediation
Roseville Family Law Legal Glossary

Family Law Glossary: Mediation

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Mediation in Placer County (oftentimes known as Child Custody Recommending Counseling or CCRC) is a form of alternative dispute resolution used frequently in divorces. With mediation, two spouses meet with a mediator, who serves as a neutral third party. The mediator listens to each side describe the issues they disagree on and helps them consider creative ways of resolving the dispute. To help the process along, each side might meet in a separate room, with the mediator shuffling between the two. A mediator does not act like a judge, and no side “wins” in mediation. Instead, each side must agree to any proposal, otherwise they can walk away and continue with litigation. Mediation is required in California when child custody is in dispute.


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