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Definition: Restraining Order
Definition: Restraining Order
Roseville Family Law Legal Glossary

Family Law Glossary: Restraining Order

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A Placer County California judge can issue a restraining order against an abuser upon application by a domestic violence victim. The order usually contains a list of conditions, such as staying away from the victim and not making any contact. If you have a child with your abuser, the court can include a parenting plan and child support provisions as part of the restraining order process. Any violation of this order carries severe consequences, such as fines or even jail time. In Placer County, victims can get an emergency protective order that lasts for seven days before seeking a permanent order. This is not part of the DVRO process. An EPO is an emergency protective order that is only available to law enforcement’s petition of a judge. It is limited and usually only lasts 5 days. I would not include EPO in the discussion of a RO with respect to a DVRO. They are two different things.


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