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Legal expertise for divorce, property division, financial concerns, spousal support and parenting. Understanding your next steps is critical. Let us navigate you through this difficult time.

Family law and divorce cases are often contentious, emotional, and challenging. At Khatami Law, your family is our priority. Our family law attorneys in Roseville handle all the legal issues that arise within domestic relationships – from married spouses, domestic partners, to same-sex couples. No matter what kind of family-related challenge you are currently facing, you can count on our lawyers to find the best possible solution for everyone involved.

Client Focused, Results Driven. Supporting families since 2011

Our Approach

The Firm that Exclusively Handles Sacramento’s Family Law Matters

At Khatami Law, our family lawyers provide effective representation to individuals, couples, and families in Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay and throughout the Sacramento region. Unlike some firms that have a general law practice, we exclusively practice family law.  That focus gives us the experience to handle both routine matters and more complex family law situations that might require litigation, involve domestic violence allegations or require complex asset valuation and property division.

If you are a business owner, own real estate, have investments or own stock options, you’ll want a firm that understands your financial situation.  Khatami Law is known for handling the complex cases that other firms turn down.

In these cases, we regularly work with trusted financial experts who help our clients determine appropriate asset distribution and advocate for their best possible outcome.

  • Business valuation professionals
  • Forensic accountants
  • Private Investigators

If litigation is necessary to solve your family law issues, our attorneys have the experience and track record needed.

  • Proven results: Results matter to us because we understand that the outcome of a case can affect your family and relationships in many ways. We always strive for the best possible outcome and work hard to make sure our results align with your goals.
  • Communication: When we handle a case, we clearly explain all your options and carefully weigh the potential outcomes so you can make informed decisions about your future.
  • Trial experience: Having litigated many cases, we bring extensive courtroom experience. Our trial attorneys are ready to take a case to court when necessary.

Reviews and Recognitions

Recognized in the community and trusted by clients since 2011

“I was super impressed by Hoss’ thoroughness with every aspect of my case. He was able to get me everything I wanted in my divorce. He has a listening ear and an understanding heart. I recommend Hoss to all who need an excellent divorce lawyer.

E. Price July, 2023

“Thank you so much to Hoss and Denise for your professional guidance, your personal support and your wise counsel. The compassion and concern you and your staff provided to me throughout this very difficult process was of great comfort. You have been very generous with your time and consideration and I am very grateful to you and your firm.”

N. Sanchez May, 2022

“Hoss Khatami is knowledgeable, personable and a WARRIOR in the courtroom. I am an attorney and he has represented me in several matters. As an attorney, I am very critical on whom I’d choose in my legal affairs, and I have nothing but great things to say about Mr. Khatami.”

Bryan H. April, 2020


Family Law Legal Glossary

It is stressful to make important decisions that impact your family and your financial future. Making those decision is further complicated if you are – like most people – unfamiliar with California’s family law legal jargon. To help our family law clients better understand their rights and obligations, we put together this California family law glossary. Please reach out if we can better explain how these issues impact your decisions for your family.


Child Custody 101: Types of Child Custody that Can Be Granted

Child Custody 101: Types of Child Custody that Can Be Granted


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