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Filing for Divorce
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Filing for Divorce in California

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Once you have made the decision to file for divorce, it is important that you talk to one of our experienced divorce attorneys at Khatami Law. The divorce process can be difficult to navigate, and with our help, you can feel confident that your future interests are protected. Our legal team understands how difficult and confusing this time can be for you, which is why we guide you through each step.

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Residency Requirements for Divorce

In the state of California, individuals seeking to file for divorce must have lived in the state for at least six months. Additionally, the individuals must have lived in the county where they are filing for at least three months. If you do not satisfy these requirements, your other option is to file for legal separation and then file an amended petition for divorce once the residency requirements are met.

Filing for Divorce with Children

When filing for divorce with children, child custody and visitation rights must be discussed. Child custody refers to who the child will live with and which parent will have authority over the child’s life decisions. This includes where the child will attend school, medical treatment decisions, and other important decisions in the child’s life. When one parent is given sole custody, the other parent may be granted visitation rights.

When determining custody, the courts take into consideration many factors, such as:

  • If age appropriate, the wishes of the child
  • The health of both parents
  • The living conditions of each parent
  • The amount of time the child spends with each parent
  • Any history of physical abuse or drug use
  • The financial situation of each parent

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