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Protect Your Financial Interests During Property Division

When going through divorce, many people initially only consider the big items when dividing marital property and assets. The family home, vacation property, cars and other assets are often at the forefront of people’s minds. But what about retirement accounts, pensions, closely held businesses, a professional practice, and other property that may actually be your marriage’s most lucrative assets? In addition to this, there are also reimbursement claims to consider – either for or against you – in contemplation of property division.

At Khatami Law, our team will help you address all aspects of your marital estate and see that you are treated fairly when dividing property. Not only will this include your marital home and shared bank accounts, but also any debts you and your spouse share, reimbursement claims, breaches of fiduciary duties, and other related issues.

When Your Financial Interests Are at Stake, Trust in Our Experience

We work closely with you to help you determine a fair property division settlement that serves your financial interests.

How we can help with your property division matter:

  • We can determine whether specific items fall under community property (assets you and your spouse acquired together during the marriage) or separate property (property you owned before the marriage or acquired as inheritance or as a gift during the marriage).
  • We can also discover any hidden or mismanaged assets your spouse is attempting to suppress during discovery, characterization, and valuation.

With years of experience handling everything from high net worth cases to divorces involving only a few marital assets, we understand the unique issues that come with dividing the assets and possessions people hold dear. Many of the difficulties associated with property division can be avoided if you and your spouse can reach an agreement on how to divide your marital property. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement, we step in and advocate for your interests, either working towards a settlement or pursuing your claims through litigation.

To speak with an attorney regarding property division during a divorce, reach out to us and schedule an initial consultation by calling 916.788.4445 or by completing our online contact form. From our Roseville office, we serve clients throughout the Sacramento region.

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