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Can You Change Your Mind About Divorce?

Can You Change Your Mind About Divorce?

Can You Change Your Mind About Divorce?

Filing for divorce is a big decision – one that will change your life. As certain as you might be about ending your marriage when you file your divorce petition, you and your spouse might find middle ground and begin to reconcile your relationship. What happens if you change your mind about your divorce?

If Your Divorce is Not Yet Final

If you are still in the middle of the divorce process and you want to halt your case, you can request the family court to dismiss your divorce petition. While you will still need to pay court costs, your case will end, and you will simply remain married. If you decide to get divorced again, you will need to pay costs to initiate another case.

If you are unsure, you might consider converting your divorce into a legal separation case. This can allow you to set terms to live apart while you try to reconcile without pursuing a divorce. You can also request to suspend your divorce proceedings (instead of dismissing the case), so you can resume the matter if you so choose without needing to file a new petition.

After the Divorce Judgment

The finality of a divorce judgment can often cause spouses to regret the decision. However, changing your mind is more complicated if you have already received a divorce decree. If you are within 30 days of the judgment, you might be able to file a motion for the judge to reverse the divorce order, though judges will not always agree to do so. If not, you will remain divorced and will need to get remarried if you so choose.

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