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What Our Clients are Saying

Rick Parker
Hoss put out the extra effort to work through a difficult settlement and finish with a good final agreement for all. Then when after all was complete and a unknown legal matter arose he stepped right back in with guidance that resolved the issue quickly. I have, and will continue to recommend Hoss to friends !!!!
Guinevere Feher
I will forever be grateful to Hoss for leading me through my complicated custody case with such expertise, resolve, and compassion. I’ve had other attorneys represent me in the past, but Hoss was the first to really listen and then go to battle for me against my unreasonable ex. His years of experience and unmatched knowledge were evident when he was able to get everything I was asking for and more, always looking out for the best interest of my child. If you’re looking for someone who won’t back down and that truly cares about his clients, Hoss is your guy.
Megan Pettinato
I was feeling so lost and hopeless. After being taken to court so many times by my ex husband and my ex becoming more and more aggressive towards me, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t go to court again and fight this battle alone. I’m so grateful that I had Hoss by my side in the courtroom to shield me from my ex. I didn’t have to take on the dreadful task of dealing with this by myself and that alone was worth every penny spent. Hoss not only won this battle for me but he also got my ex to pay half of my attorney fees. Thank you Hoss!! And thank you, Dana, for being a wonderful paralegal and always being there when I reached out to you.
Michelle shrader
I felt all hope was lost, and really needed that one person to help shield me from this negative tyrant. For 15 long years as a single mom battling custody by myself, I have been beyond traumatized to face another day alone, again, in the courtroom. Hoss not only gave me the ability to feel comfortable in the courtroom he also protected me. Hoss is the person you will want on your team! I’m certain you will want that same feeling of protection, in front of a judge. Hoss is your guy 100%! I am very grateful I was lead his way.
Nick Christensen
Hoss was an excellent attorney and the results were proven when I was awarded everything I was seeking. He is professional, well prepared, and detail oriented. I highly recommend.
I came to Hoss the summer of 2018 for help with a custody battle and it was the best decision EVER!!! He knows how to fight hard for his clients. My case took a little over a year because my ex and his multiple attorneys dragged it out with their lies and deception. There we’re so many stressful times where I wanted to just give up, but Hoss was always there to talk to me and calm me down. We ended up with a great outcome for me and my son. I highly recommend him!!! I will never go to anyone else for my family law needs.
Former Client
Mr. Khatami had a hard case. I did many things wrong…but his relentless efforts, attitude, and willingness to be available when needed- proved his professionalism. I now have an attorney I can trust and call on in the time of need. (Hopefully, this is the last time)! The one thing in this world I care most about are my 2 daughters. Without them, I would not be able to continue. I now get to see them 3 days a week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
Former Client
Mr. Khatami was my family law attorney and he helped guide my Divorce to a very favorable outcome. He worked with my ex and his attorney to try to settle the case but my ex and his attorney wouldn’t settle. We went to trial and that is where I was amazed by his preparation and skill in the courtroom. He and his staff kept me informed every step of the way. I was amazed at the amount of preparation and time he put into my case to get ready for trial. the difference in lawyering skills truly showed at trial. There were times I was embarrassed and felt sorry for my ex and his attorney. I had to wait a long time for the judge to issue an order, which Hoss said was normal, but when he did issue the order, I was very pleased. The court orders were far better than all of the settlement offers I made. Had my ex settled he would have been better off. However I can surely say that his attorney was outmatched when we went to court. I could not believe the difference in skills and wouldn’t have known the difference unless I saw it for myself at trial. Hoss helped me and my kids secure a safe and comfortable future and I know that I received a great outcome following trial including tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and sanctions ordered against my ex. Cannot recommend him highly enough! Thank you Hoss.
Hoss is a great attorney. He helped me when I was in a very bad position with custody related to my kids. I had lost a lot of custody time and this was because of the mishandling of my case from my prior attorneys. I now have equal time with my kids all thanks to Hoss and his staff. THANK YOU!
Hoss helped me greatly with the most important issue in my life: my time with my kids. My children’s mother would stop at nothing in her relentless pursuit of trying to keep my kids away from me. He reversed custody and while it was difficult at times he and his staff were with me the whole time. I cannot thank him enough.
Hoss helped me to recover a settlement in my accident of over $100,000 in a very short time. He is in demand, and his assistant helped me with the necessary forms and documents that were needed to submit. When we did submit our demand, it was clear that our demand was well received and the other side did not want to push the issue further. I received my settlement in about three months and am now on the way to getting back to health after a horrible T-bone accident. Thank you so much to Hoss and his staff. I highly highly recommend him.
Hoss is an amazing attorney. Hoss is an innovative and creative attorney, and not once did I fear he was not up for the job. The biggest asset you will get if you hire Hoss is his courage; he is not afraid to say certain things, to be upfront with you as a client, and most importantly he is not afraid to stand up to the other party or their legal team. My now husband went from 10% custody right after a divorce to 50/50 with an awesome custody order that works with my partner’s shift work.
Robert Berg
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