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Important Tips for Property Division During a Divorce

Important Tips for Property Division During a Divorce

Important Tips for Property Division During a Divorce

Going through a divorce process can be a complicated ordeal especially when children or property division is involved. As you begin the divorce process, it is important to work with a Roseville divorce attorney who can help you determine the terms of your property division, whether that be vehicles, a house, or antique items. Some tips to make this process go smoother include:

  • Establish your personal property: When dividing up property during your divorce, it is important to establish which items in the house are your personal property. Some items that your spouse would have no right to include gifts given to you by your parents, items you possessed before you were married, and family heirlooms that came from a person on your side of the family.
  • Have appraisals done on valuable items: When there are items that both you and your spouse want, it is best to know their value so you can divide them up in a way that each person gets a fair share. If you do not know the value of an item, you should get an appraisal done so that all the values are accurate.
  • Be willing to negotiate with your spouse: When all is said and done, there simply may be items you can’t agree on or can’t split down the middle, such as a car or house. At this point you will need to be willing to negotiate with your spouse so that you at least get equal shares of the property, whether it’s the item itself or money from its sale.
  • Preserve items until a settlement is reached: If you are concerned about your spouse running off with valuable or sentimental items before a settlement is reached, you may want to consider getting a court order to keep those items under lock and key, either in your home or in a storage unit, until the issue is resolved.

Going through a divorce and dividing up property with your spouse can be extremely emotional and frustrating. To make the process go more smoothly, remember to follow these tips. You will also benefit from working with a knowledgeable divorce attorney at Khatami Law. Contact us today to request a free consultation.

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